New grid. Much. Better. 🤩

I think we should change the projects grid. I'll play around with that.

that Vital render 🤤

another iteration

Looking good. We need to come up with a new icon for the notification. And for the card titles, is there anything else we can try?

For the notification pop up, I think it would be good to have it displayed at the bottom of the screen, white background. Not custom looking.


New message button flow. Empty notification screen. Channel card view. Dm card view.

Slack. First touch

YZY Player process

beautiful reactions

Loving it.


What do you think? The different angles is a bit odd. Specially the video app. Also the colors don’t look mature. The green, purple and red needs to go away.

Can you make a feed of the floating devices. And see how those angles would look.

big scenes

Trues background needs to be dark brown or dark grey. Red feels too much. And The enterprise video app, the purple gradient background takes the realistic feeling we are trying to achieve away.

big scenes

Some of these colors are good but some are not. Covertree is good. Digital pass is not. Vfs is alright. Too far away to see the interface.

vital:dark mode

Do you think the white buttons should be light grey instead similar to Day button?


Dark mode

Very cool. Have you shared these with the team?

another one

White background feels more in line with the rest of the brand for me.

defo the white bg 👌 maybe the logo should be be on top? similar to how it is on

Which is better or are they both bad?

I like the bottom one. Logo on its own. No logotype next to it.

Filip's Roadmap shots. Good for posting?

Rebilla. Good for posting?

They look great


Looking good. Then we have all we need for the case study right?


We can skip showing the websites. For VFS, we are just going to show the product. So a couple of screens there will do.


Anything we can do to improve the look of these orange buttons?


For all of our case studies, we need to follow the same pattern and order. Product first. Web. Tablet, mobile. And at last design system. Maybe a branding and website at the end.

We also can use a title to break sections apart perhaps. But that really depends on how you would show it.

And should we use the devices we’ve created to show the work?


I think we only use the small boxes for mobile and branding. Showing half of web is not a good use of it.


A good grid for projects is needed. A mix of large box with two boxes would be nice to see. Is it odd that the width of the design system shot and iPad are different?


Only one text per project. The rest are images.


Main focus on the product. So more images of the product and design system than branding and website.
Product first, at the bottom, we can include branding a bit. Just a slide.

covertree case

Should we use devices for our mock-ups or just place them like these? And I would place the screens next to each other instead of over each other.

Moodboard for scenes

Maybe we should have a theme going on. I was previously not a fan of putting devices on shelves and objects around them. How do you feel about realistic scenes? Like just placing it in a realistic scene like this one:

Trying to make quick 3D sketches

3d previews for Vital

I think the logo should also be created in 3D and a solid white background color make the product designs to not stand out as much. Can we experiment with new background treatments like other colors, or perhaps design a scene that is relevant to the product?


eat → sleep → repeat 🔁

Amazing Stuff