experimenting volumetric screen light

Very cool. Perhaps we can do one with smoke behind it?

daily render

Passport 3D scene (glass & light improved)

The glass is so much better. The background color is ok. I would go a bit darker.

Sonatic zoomed out (edited)

Can the surface cover the entire image?

Covertree 3Dscene test


passport app- 3d scene test

Impower 3d scene

Getting there. Can you post the ones created so far here as well?

scene exploring

Very interesting but too wild. I think these scenes need to make sense for the purpose the products were designed. A floating device on a rock doesn't make much sense.
What do you think?

Vital scene test

what do you think now?

Added some projects icon

How about we make the entire floor, in grid? That way the scene is a bit more connected to the brand.

Vital test render

So much better than the previous one with stone and gold. How about we place the icons we created in 3D in the same angle as the phones, and place them around them?
yes it might look good too, just afraid of the image gets load too much if we put all the icons in there