hendlettering for BR. still a long way to go to make it more unified

Good progress. I would make it a bit pointy so it doesn’t look like toothpaste cream. And make it lean to the left instead of right.
good call. working on something like this currently and it looks promising

trying out some lettering for BR.

Looks cool. Keen to see the whole name in this typeface. Is it custom?
its custom. a drawing basically. will update when i have the whole thing

Branding exploration to give each OFC product a unique voice. Do colours compliments the product or would you change them?

Colors are fine, but the main challenge here is to create a visual language that we can use to visualise complex concepts. Example: the difference between busy work vs meaningful work which means less tasks but more important tasks that take us closer to the next step. So let's see some examples of how we can use this style to explain a few of our principles.

WIP :shushing_face: