daily render

Versions of the packaging we picked on our designer's call. First one won by unanimous decision. πŸ₯Š

playing around with QR Code placement

First attempt at simplifying the packaging. Top and bottom side mirror each other and what used to be on the back is divided in two parts and placed on the sides. I think this is balanced for now, but we can think if there is some additional info to present to balance this out.

For the bottom, it would be nice to add QR code in center only. For the website.

Renklar marketing page WIP. Added copy and trying to see how images work together. I think more spaced out margins around body will help with making site feel less zoomed in.

3d settings exploration for Renklar.

I would say a realistic environment is definitely preferred for this type of products. And because of the minimal look of it, a bathroom like environment/tiles would be nice to see.

But following our design process, we need to collect inspiration first, group similar approaches, align, then execute on a few direction.