Roadmap WOW Book Dribbble shots. I'm not sure if it's cool to share just the illustrations? They are so cool though…

that sidebar nav on the third shot 🤩
Yesss. Third shot is best :)

Ebook navigation exploration

I think 11th (penultimate) example could work really well. makes it easy to oversee the entire thing. for footer nav I like number 4
I also like the 11th example!

A4 pdf design for Frameworks. I tried to mirror the font size proportions and feel from the web experience. To account for different reading experience I designed some elements such as table of contents and page markers differently.

Yet to add circled numbers for lists and do some proofreading.

Manual chapter of the ebook. With beautiful illustrations from Luka

It's hard to give feedback on this without seeing the full picture. How each chapter and post look next to each other. We can do this over a call today.

web book page. thinking to have a modal to display navigation and quickly jump between chapters

I'm liking this direction. Personally not a big fan of the underline under every title
OFC logo inside a box as well.

Exploring designs for the framework pdf. Trying some things but once we decide the direction with Filip we make it as unified as possible. For cover I suggest something similar to what we had for 10 steps.

So far I like it
We can skip the pdf version for now. The consistency between two books is required. Let’s see what we get from the web version and how we can translate it to PDF if need be.

Book page. Trying to keep it simple and aligned with the current designs. Width of the content had to be adjusted to retain readability for the long-form post. The rest is very simple, following structure from the Doc. I'm not sure about the top/opening part though. It's an early version and I tried to make sure there is a sign of Roadmap and OFC somewhere in the opening.

Principles illustrations - do we need a new ebook cover? (edited)

I think so. I will try to redraw it in a style that matches a bit more.
Let’s finish the illustrations for all chapters then designs the cover similar to this. Me and V avatars, roadmap screenshot and OFC logo.

Pages with empty states and cards

-How to progress:  (Guard momentum over small wins.)

-How to synchronise (Members)

Calibrated Expectations (align on expectations) and Prioritised Direction (align on direction)

Updated layout - work in progress. Should we put the screns in some flat but 3d devices from Fahredin? or would that just delay things?

Uncensored Journey (align on context) Previously only managers knew what’s next. And the agency founder knew what to do. Today with Roadmap, each member, regardless of role, has equal access to all information needed to progress on their work. Independently.

To make it more consistent I am thinking about switching the places. Task input always first. Project and Assignees below.

I think project first was a nice idea

Global Task Creation. Concerns: changing projects and assignees to be displayed as 'tags' is a big change throughout the product, do we need to revisit all places it is displayed and update their look for consistency? What about tags we could introduce in the future, aren't these too similar? Is this update a move in a right direction?

After sync with the devs, finishing files for hand-off.

Super interesting. So project name and assignee would be in the first line, then task name in the second? Or Im seeing project name in the task name too. A bit confusing.

Predefined or added @users or #projects would be placed above the task. Hopefully allowing more fluid writing.

Preparing documentation for dev. I'm wondering, how do we handle text that is broken by @assignees and #projects.

We shouldn’t allow for broken text. It gets too complicated.
Exactly. That’s what we’ve been debating with Eugene. Not allowing for text being broken opens another set of challenges (as to why and when to decide the user is not longer writing a task, do we block anything except @ and # then? That’s confusing)

Backlog - right click menu

Today page - Showing tasks awaiting review (for users marked as reviewers)

Task Details Modal - Bottom details

Not this. This is same as all the other tasks managements. Too much details. And description is far away. We are here to simplify.

Task Details Modal - Various statuses

Status and mark as done should be in the same place. In progress is not needed. Backlog is not a status. Todo is not needed. Just need feedback, blocked, completed is good enough for now.

Task Creation Modal - Focusing on quick keyboard input (edited)

This is good. One thing at a time. Add to a project, or assign. One at a time. No need to show both. If @ is added, the show the list of people. If tag is added, then show the list of projects.

Task Details Modal - Various iterations (edited)

I would say none feel there yet. Listed details take too much space. Assignees and project names next to each other feels also wrong. I would explore to keep things compact, yet separated. Assignees and status next to each other make sense. Task and description close to each other. Project name somewhere in between. Perhaps above task.

Most basic, initial form of a Task Creation modal.

This is interesting. Asking people to select project name first then task name.

In-line task adding iteration - controlling input with a set of commands

For toggl, we did. Hashtag for project and @ to assign people. Time we left out. We can figure out how to trigger the time/cal.

In-line task adding iteration

In-line task adding iteration

Avoid letters and instead use symbols to trigger different actions.

One of the iterations, focusing on a rather non-invasive (light on dvelopment) update that would allow quickly adding all most necessary details: Task name, Plan, Assignee. You can switch between all of them quickly using [Tab].

Other updates I'm working on:

(1) Task creation modal, reached with a shortcut, globally (2) Merging checkmark and status indicators (3) Expanding ‘ready for review’ status with section on Today page if assigned to a person with that status (4) Quickly adding assignees (5) Backlog - merging tasks into one, as a checklist (6) Adding directly to backlog (7) Copy+paste into checklists (?) Expanding search overlay: (?) simple commands (open create task modal) (?) consistency update - show people same way as other search result


Goddamn no text formatting
Best would be if we could in one line create a task, add to plan and assign.

One of the features included in Global Task Creation. Multi-selecting backlog tasks, with ability to perform bulk actions, including merging them into a new task as checklist items

I think we might just do right click menu instead of these options at the bottom because they feel so far away. Another thing we should try here is to turn checklist items into timelines.
In this round, we need to make the buttons in backlog float similar to how slack does it’s search on mobile.

Although I like the cleanliness and consistency the 2 first empty states have. There is no precedent for them to clickable anywhere. That's why a button maybe needed for the task to be clear enough?

Agreed. A button is needed. Do we have a rule when to use the filled vs outlined?

Current designs for Roadmap V2 do not provide clear indication on the rule. They seem to be based on priority with Filled used as Primary action and Outlined as Secondary, but that's not really the case. There is no clear system for how and when certain buttons styles are used

Idea on how to show Backlog onboarding video, without putting two overlays next to each other or on top of each other (edited)

Empty state layout exploration.

Similar to our “create a new project” when there’s nothing to display on workspace page, we can do the same for our empty states. Which means box it in a grey background to bring some alignment to it.

For pages we can use grey boxes. For overlays and sidebars, like our backlog, we can skip the grey box.

Today page empty state + onboarding overlay

The width of the description is too big. And in an app that is all left aligned, centered feels odd.

Can you do make iterations and upload all in a screenshot so we can pick together?

Also for the iconography, we need new visuals which is what we are exploring on the branding side. Until then, you can use something grey scaled to visualize what you want to put there.

Onboarding exploration

Looking good. There won’t be any plans to choose from. We handle that in the background. So once they get access to the product, they will see a personalized plan created for them.

Also easy on shadows. ;) One layer is enough. Similar to our existing overlays. Keep in mind, a simple change in an components, means the change will applied to all places the component is used. We should be careful of these changes and only make them if it’s necessary.