Custom type/hand-lettering exploration for BR

Type exploration for BR. I think this approach works well with texture. Like the embroidery on reference image or some other interesting material.

Can you share all iterations of BR type exploration?
No curves btw. It shouldn’t look friendly. The one on above is better.

type exploration based on some graffiti images I found. Quite liking this one

It’s nice. I like it too. The images I sent on slack in the BR channel, can we make one in that direction too?
alright. I will be going for "saint laurent" direction next

wider letters and set in a single line 📏

making A,N,K a bit wider

I would make them wider. And can you put the entire name in one line so we can see how it looks?

Love how it’s coming along.

Pocket-knife like carving typography for BR 🔪

Super cool. Can you make K and N a bit wider?

trying out a sans serif + hand scribble

Cool but we are getting off track. Can we focus on the simplest execution of the straight line typography for the logo for now so we have it done?

Resident blackletter

Better. But too detailed. Specially in K. And N should be capital. This looks too much metal band than clothing line I think. I would just go simple lines and keep this lettering design for something else in the future.
keeping this for our 3drops metal band then, hehe

hendlettering for BR. still a long way to go to make it more unified

Good progress. I would make it a bit pointy so it doesn’t look like toothpaste cream. And make it lean to the left instead of right.
good call. working on something like this currently and it looks promising

trying out some lettering for BR.

Looks cool. Keen to see the whole name in this typeface. Is it custom?
its custom. a drawing basically. will update when i have the whole thing